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”An impressive live recording at the Bimhuis full of appealing melodies in a  cinematic ambiance starring soloist Chris Cheek who worked with big names like
Charlie Haden, Bill Frisell and Brad Mehldau. The band finishes the album with Kleijn’s sublime composition “No More Tango”.
Cheek breaks through the melancholy leitmotif with a minute-long compelling solo in which he makes the tenor sax sound like a curious mix of bandoneon and bass clarinet.”
Noordhollands Dagblad december 2018 read the complete review


” Few bands are as outspoken as Wild Man Conspiracy.
Appealing is the narrative nature of the pieces whereby the music remains accessible at all times.
The quartet stands strong like a house harboring many  spheres.
Indie, jazz, rock, impro and electronics are all integral part of sometimes unearthly arrangements.

Musically very interesting.  ”
Jazzenzo december 2018 read the complete  review at (Dutch)




“…The fans were licking their fingers at the musical banquet of the band…
A concert full of originality and humor, performed by top class musicians….”  2016

Red Piano Records – New York – RPR 14599-4424
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This trio always finds a nice balance between musical tradition and playfulness. This time, in addition to the five original compositions we get three old hits, which are a great example of an original approach to music
Jazzism – Ken Vos (NL)  2016 **** 1/2

In the varied Dutch jazz landscape WMC takes an unique place. With an unusual instrumentation the group manages to make music with a strong visual effect. Everything is presented with such playfulness, fun and subtle humor that makes Short Stories even more attractive.
Jazzflits (NL) – Herman te Loo – 2016

On their own inimitable way they play without a bass player but with the help of electronics. That already makes their sound unique, add to that the high level of this internationally valued players.
Muziekwereld(NL) – 2016

The beautifully executed Lennon and McCartney ballad “And I Love Her” is just as striking. Where the popular German love song Lili Marleen has all the freedom, the Beatles classic stays closer to the original.With the appealing muted melodies from Kleijn’s trumpet that could have come from the pen of Miles Davis.
Jazzenzo (NL)- Erno Elsinga – 2016


Red Piano Records – New York – RPR 14599-4416-2
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Wild Man Conspiracy treks through the jungle of free music – wild untraceable free improvisations reach out to superhuman efforts. Tempi that break out, individual rambles, unruly treatment for instruments; these elements are keystones to a musical undertaking that can scarcely be compared with anything already done in this field. (NL) / Rinus van der Heijden –  2015

We already knew that Celano can go places with his FX equipment, but the use of electronic by Gerard Kleijn is even more effective than what one’s used to from for instance Nils Petter Molvaer or Jon Hassel. The nice feature of WMC is that almost every listener will have different associations with it
Jazzism (NL)/Ken Vos – 2015 ****

Irreverent improvising Dutch trio explores sonic possibilities and pushes limits of interplay.
Red Piano Records/USA 

Guitarist Guillermo Celano, trumpeter Gerard Kleijn and Joost Kesselaar are established names on the Dutch jazz and improvisation scene. Put them together in a room and something happens. And as can be expected of better jazz: they never know quite what will happen in advance.
Volkskrant(NL)/Gijsbert Kamer 2015

Knots is an adventurous and exciting album in which the trio keep chasing each other’s enthusiasm while at the same time investigating the boundlessness of improvisation.
Jazzenzo (NL)/ Erno Elsinga -2015

This trio headed into the studio for some musical hijinks and to stretch the boundaries of what is musically acceptable as they saw fit. The title of the album (Knots means crazy in Dutch) doesn’t pull punches. The rod doesn’t get spared as they wave a musical cudgel while many listeners probably lunged for the volume control because of the occasionally crazy changes in mood and rhythm. This music is not for the weak hearted.
Muziekwereld – 2015

The trio sounds larger than the three musicians. Compositions which focus alternately on a beautiful melody, then a broken beat rhythm, then free noise improvisation are provided with opulent sound effects (but fortunately not too many).
Vera Vingerhoeds/BLOG – 2015

Jazzmozaiek – (Belgium) Mischa Andriessen – 2015