Wild Man Conspiracy feat. Michael Moore & Joost Buis – RADIO DAYS

Gerard Kleijn – trumpet / Guillermo Celano – guitar / Joost Kesselaar – drums
Featuring Michael Moore (clarinet/saxophone) & Joost Buis (trombone)

This new project offers music from the RADIO DAYS and is featuring Michal Moore and Joost Buis, two of the most influential improvisers of the Dutch and international jazz scène. The surprising repertoire runs from Louis Amstrong to Misha Mengelberg visiting 100 years of jazz; encompassing tight arrangements, blues-infused solo’s, and freewheeling collective improvisation.

‘RADIO DAYS will have you singing along, bouncing out of your chair and dancing in the street!’

Wild Man Conspiracy feat. Chris Cheek

A collaboration since 2016. The American saxophone giant Chris Cheek toured with the group in 2016 & 2018. Chris also played with the Jeff Ballard trio, Bill Frisell, Paul Motian, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra en Carla Bley.

Wild Man Conspiracy – SHORT STORIES

The trio itself, they produced two highly acclaimed cd’s. They toured  Belgium, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Downbeat(USA)editors pick 2017:

‘Taking the listener somewhere completely new’
‘This band is clearly centered in the present’
Downbeat (USA) – editor’s pick January 2017