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Wild Man Conspiracy & Chris Cheek -Live at the Bimhuis
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‘It continues to fascinate! Chris Cheek compels clear respect with his intense solos
(who never exactly follow the path you expect)’
V0lkskrant (NL) – Gijsbert Kamer – january 2019

Good stuff!’Enola – Belgium – 2019

‘Take your time, clear your head. ‘Wild Man Conspiracy’ is then an ointment for the soul, even if there are some scratches on it.
You are guaranteed to feel better.
This album is a must for the adventurous listener, the satisfaction will be great.’Maxazine (NL) – 2019

****  (4/4!)
”An impressive live recording at the Bimhuis full of appealing melodies in a  cinematic 
ambiance starring soloist Chris Cheek who worked
with big names like Charlie Haden, Bill Frisell and Brad Mehldau. The band finishes the album with Kleijn’s sublime composition “No More Tango”.
Cheek breaks through the melancholy leitmotif with a minute-long compelling solo in which he makes the tenor sax sound like a curious mix of bandoneon and bass clarinet.”
Noordhollands Dagblad december 2018 read the complete review

“Chris Cheek is an ideal addition to the very own musical world of Wild Man Conspiracy.

Visual music is still the trademark of Wild Man Conspiracy. 
With songs Nino Rota-like  as  ‘The other’  and  ‘The adventures of evil pancake and friends’ , the listener is kept
on the edge of his seat through musical humor and adventurous mood changes. “

Herman te Loo, Jazzflits, december 2018.

” Few bands are as outspoken as Wild Man Conspiracy.
Appealing is the narrative nature of the pieces whereby the music remains accessible at all times.
The quartet stands strong like a house harboring many  spheres.
Indie, jazz, rock, impro and electronics are all integral part of sometimes unearthly arrangements.

Musically very interesting.  ”
Jazzenzo december 2018 read the complete  review at Jazzenzo.nl (Dutch)

Nice blog about Live at the Bimhuis
from Vera Vingerhoeds

Listen here to Parcelas Desiguales – composed by Guillermo Celano

Downbeat(USA) editor’s pick January  2017 (Short Stories)
Taking the listener somewhere completely new
The band is clearly centered in the present
All the material reflects an artistic approach that emphasizes
the importance  of the collective  over individual contributions
read the complete review

Guillermo Celano – guitar/effects
Gerard Kleijn – trumpet, voice, effects
Joost Kesselaar – drums

New project  RADIO DAYS – Wild Man Conspiracy feat. Michael Moore and Joost Buis (2018-2019)

Irreverent improvising Dutch trio explores sonic possibilities and pushes limits of interplay.
Red Piano Records/USA/2015

A musical undertaking that can scarcely
be compared with anything already done in this field.
Jazznu.com (NL) / Rinus van der Heijden 2015

The use of electronic by Gerard Kleijn is even more
effective than what one’s used to from for instance
Nils Petter Molvaer or Jon Hassel.
Jazzism (NL)/Ken Vos 2015****

A nice balance between musical tradition and playfulness
This time, in addition to the five original compositions we
get three old hits,which are a great example of
an original approach to music
Jazzism – Ken Vos 2016  **** 1/2 – cd review Short Stories

Guitarist Guillermo Celano, trumpeter Gerard Kleijn and Joost Kesselaar
are established names on the Dutch jazz and improvisation scene.
Put them together in a room and something happens. And as can be expected of
better jazz: they never know quite what will happen in advance.
Volkskrant(NL)/Gijsbert Kamer – 2015
Knots is an adventurous and exciting album in which
the trio keep chasing each other’s enthousiasme
while at the same time investigating the boundlessness
of improvisation.
Jazzenzo (NL) 2015


This music is not for the weak hearted.
Muziekwereld (NL) 2015

This trio sounds larger than the three musicians
Vera Vingerhoeds (NL) 2015